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Transfer of detailed exploration and prospecting rights of copper polymetallic mine in Sichuan

Basic Info
Project Type Mining Right Validity period
Location Sichuan Area 1.2932km2
Mineral ExplorationDegree
ResourceReserves 7.676 million tons AverageGrade The average grade of copper is 1.26% and the average grade of gold is 0.39g/t.
Way of cooperation Transfer Quotation
Project profile
 1. Company profile (Business license and mineral rights certificate information, location, transportation, natural environment, etc.):
The prospecting right holder is a limited liability company with a registered capital of 50 million yuan, which is a natural person investment company. Its business scope covers: general inspection, processing and distribution of copper and iron polymetallic ore. Time of incorporation: April 22, 2008; term of operation: April 22, 2008 to long-term. The prospecting certificate is currently in the detailed investigation phase and is valid till December 29, 2018. The mining area is located in the southern part of the western Sichuan Plateau, belonging to the eastern margin of the Hengduan Mountains. The mountain range is northwest, with a “V” shape and a high mountain valley. The highest altitude is 2843.8m, the lowest is 2058m, and the relative height difference is 785.8m. Highways are the main means for transportation, which is very convenient. It as good hydropower conditions and there are no large geological disasters.

2. Geological profile of the mining area (metallogenic belt/tectonic location, strata, magmatic rock, structure, alteration, etc.) :

The mining area is located in the foreland thrust belt in Kangding and Yunnan, the southern margin of the Emei-Zhaojue fault basin, and adjacent to the Dongchuan Zhongyuan ancient depression basin. The ore body is discovered in the carbonaceous slate in the upper section of the Heishan Formation of the Huili Group. The whole is a steeply inclined monoclinic structure, and a small number of faults with near-east-west distribution are developed, and the structural complexity is of a simple type. The alteration of the mining area is mainly silicification, partially barylization, and calcitization.

3. Ore body characteristics:

There is only one copper ore industry discovered and surveyed in the mining area. In space, the ore body presents lamellar and stratiform output . The control is extended by 980m and the depth is extended 688m. The single ore body reaches a considerable scale; the overall tendency is 37-338°, and the inclination angle is 41-73°, with an average of 52°. In the trend, the change in the overall appearance is undulate, and the inclined ore body shape is undulate or "S" type change, and the ore body structure damage is generally small. The true thickness of the ore body single project is 0.59-20.84m, generally 3.08~9.76m, with the average thickness of 5.56m. The Cu grade of single project is 0.56%-7.03%, generally 1.18%-1.86%, and the average grade of the deposit is 1.26%.


4. Ore quality (ore structure, formation, and natural type, etc.): 

The ore has a crystalline structure, a metamorphic structure, a pressure structure and a superficial structure, with the first two as dominance. The ore structure is simple, the primary ore is mainly vein-like, porphyritic, and nodular structure, followed by disseminated structure. The ore minerals are mainly chalcopyrite, followed by porphyrite, malachite and azurite. The natural types of ore are oxidized ore, mixed ore, and primary (vulcanized) ore. The primary ore accounts for over 86% of the total resources.


5. Mining technical conditions and processing and metallurgical properties (hydraulic environment evaluation and ore processing and metallurgical conditions):


The deposit belongs to indirect water-filled roof and simple hydrogeological conditions; the engineering geological complexity is medium-sized (II2) type dominated by layered fractured structures and fractured structural rocks; the geological environment quality of the mining area is good and moderate. The ore processing and metallurgical performance of the ore is evaluated by the mineral processing test: the average yield of the oxidized ore is 3.47% through “coarse, sweeping and refining”, the average grade of copper concentrate is 19.36%, and the recovery rate is 81.31%. The second mineral processing test is in the mill. The fineness of the ore-200 mesh is 85%, the combined test result is that the copper concentrate grade is 19.98%, with the copper recovery rate of 89.58%, which belongs to the easy ore dressing.


6. Estimation of resources reserves

The total detected reserves of ore resources (332+333) is 7.676 million tons, and the Cu metal amount is 96,434 tons, with an average grade of 1.26%. Among them, the amount of (332) ore is 4.645 million tons, the amount of Cu metal is 58,254 tons, and the average grade is 1.25%; the amount of (333) ore is 3.031 million tons, and the amount of Cu metal is 38,180 tons, with an average grade of 1.26%. A total of 333 associated resources are discovered: Au metal amount is 1129kg and the average grade is 0.39g/t; Ag metal amount is 27481kg, and average grade in 3.58g/t; and S total is 95185 tons, and average grade 1.24%.
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