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Capital party in search of all kinds of large mining rights in need of financing

Basic Info
Project Type Other Validity period
Location China Area 1-10
Mineral ExplorationDegree
ResourceReserves AverageGrade
Way of cooperation Cooperation Quotation
Project profile
 As long as you have complete mineral rights licenses and permits, have true and reliable information, have clear mineral rights without any disputes, and are eligible for mortgage financing, please feel free to contact me. metals and non-metals are not limited.
We won’t do the pick-up. We just value your repayment ability. Your have a good mine, and you can just rest assured to produce, and do a good job in management. If you need money, turn to us! Our aim is to achieve win-win cooperation!
Project coordinate
Existing data
Live photos
Company Name 天宙集团矿权事业部 Address 西安市高新区锦业路1号都市之门D座920室
Contacts 杨为先 Address 17792866193
Mobile EMail 94075591@qq.com