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Polymetallic ore in Mangya, Qinghai

Basic Info
Project Type Mining Right Validity period
Location Haixi Mongolia Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Area 2.66km2
Mineral ExplorationDegree
ResourceReserves AverageGrade The average grade of Cu, Pb, and Zn is 0.99%, 1.10%, and 4.31% respectively
Way of cooperation Transfer Quotation
Project profile


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Name of mine

Some copper polymetallic ore in Mangya, Qinghai

Geographical position

Mangya, Haixi Prefecture, Qinghai Province

Mine area


Licenses and permits

Mining rights certificate is being processed and is expected to be available in July.



Mineral species

Copper, lead and znc

Geological exploration degree

Detailed investigation, completion of reserve evaluation and filing, and mining rights certificate is being processed

Profile of mining area

The mining area is located in Qimantag Mountains, Mangya Town, Haixi Prefecture, Qinghai Province. It is more than 300km away from Golmud City and enjoys convenient traffic. The mining area is 4300m above sea level.

Completed geological work

Drilling nearly 6500m (26 holes), pitting 580 meters, trenching about 5200m3, and 1:2000 geological survey, geophysical exploration, etc.

Ore body characteristics

In spacial distribution (surface), the copper ore body related to porphyrite is taken as the center, skarn type copper, lead and zinc ore body is the ring belt, and the outer ring near the volcanic rock presents the hydrothermal copper ore body, thus forming the more complete  mineralization series related to porphyrite. The mineralization types for the discovered copper polymetallic ore include skarn type and the porphyrite type.

Ore quality

The primary copper sulfide in copper ore can account for 92.74~98.44% of the total copper. The primary galena in lead-zinc ore can account for 98.04% of the total lead, and the primary zinc sulphide can account for 98.04% of the total zinc. The polymetallic ore bodies in the mining area belong to the primary zone of the ore body. No obvious ore body oxidation zone and secondary enrichment zone are found. only a small amount of weak oxidation and secondary enrichment are observed in the primary ore zone.

Technical conditions for ore deposit mining

The technincal conditions of ore deposit mining  are simple, and the mineral processing technology  is also simple. 

Average grade

The average grade of Cu, Pb, and Zn os 0.99%, 1.10%, and 4.31% respectively.


A total of 332+333 detailed investigation amount of copper, lead and zinc is submitted, amounting to nearly 110,000 tons and silver of 42 tons.

Mine status

Passed the reserve assessment and filing and the mining certificate is being processed




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