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Nickel Prospect in the Philippines

Basic Info
Project Type Mining Right Validity period 2019-07-15
Location Philippines/ Palawan Area 47,274 square meters
Mineral Nickel ExplorationDegree TBD
ResourceReserves TBD AverageGrade 1.11%
Way of cooperation Cooperation,Transfer Quotation NEO
Project profile

MAC's Infanta Nickel Project is based on 2,751 vertical drill holes with a total area of 47,274 square meters and 480 vertical test pits with aggregate depth of 2,568 m. The exploration resulted in the collection of 54,412 samples, which were analyzed for nickel, iron and 12 other elements/oxides. Geostatistical modeling of the ore deposit involved the estimation of 152,671,288 mining blocks with average 1.11%. The nickel laterite deposit consists of three ore types: limonite, earthly saprolite and rocky saprolite, with average thickness of

6.0 m, 4.5 m, and 7.3 m, respectively. Permitting is under way to prepare for construction and the site is being maintained.


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