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Indian coal company plans to develop 55 new mines in next five years

release time:2019-11-26         source:Coal News

Recently, the state-owned enterprise Coal India Ltd said that it plans to build 55 new coal mines in the next five years and expand 193 coal mines in operation. Indian Coal Corporation also conducts portal monitoring of ongoing coal projects to ensure timely completion of the project. "India has taken measures to increase coal production, including the construction of 55 new coal mines with a capacity of 920,000 tons in the next five years, and the expansion of the existing 193 coal mines with a total capacity of approximately 310 million tons." India Coal Minister Prahad · Prahhad Joshi said. In addition, the Indian Coal Corporation also introduced large-capacity heavy-duty earthmoving machines to improve work efficiency, including the introduction of 42 cubic meters of scrapers and 240 tons of dump trucks for the Gevra expansion project and the Dipka & Kusmunda open-pit coal mine. To improve operational efficiency and meet environmental needs. ”

In fiscal year 2018-19 (April 2018-March 2019), about 50% of the open-pit coal mines of Indian Coal Corporation were mined by surface mining machines. In addition, in order to reduce coal imports, the Indian Coal Corporation is rationalizing the use of resources and using some equipment for higher-level coal. Through the e-bidding program, especially the special long-term e-bidding, Indian Coal has provided more coal from different sources to power consumers who have not signed a fuel supply agreement with the company.