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China Aluminum Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as China aluminum) was incorporated in People's Republic of China in September 10, 2001, the controlling shareholder of Aluminium Corp. China Chinese aluminum is the non-ferrous metals industry leading enterprises, the comprehensive strength among the global aluminum industry forefront, is also China aluminum industry only set bauxite and coal resources exploration and mining, alumina, primary aluminum and Aluminum Alloy products production, sales, technology development, international trade, logistics industry, new energy power generation in one large production and operation of enterprises. Existing owned enterprises 39, including: a wholly owned subsidiary of 18, holding subsidiaries of 21. Chalco shares were listed on the New York Stock Exchange (ticker symbol: ACH), the Hongkong Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 2600) and the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 601600) to be listed on the stock exchange of the people&#... [detail]